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How to Use PayTM Or UPI To Pay For A Traffic Challan Online

<p>Right now, we’re in the age of digital payments. India has already embraced a cashless society after the demonetization in 2016. Subsequently, the epidemic and the social isolation it brought about led to a significant increase in digital payments. UPI payments gained a lot of traction. All merchants, from large showrooms to vegetable sellers, now take payments using UPI. Digital payments have also been used by the traffic police. Online solutions for paying traffic challans are available in several places around the country. In relation to the NCR, the Gurugram Police has just started to take payments for online challans. The Faridabad Police have already started offering this service. To pay for the challan, you may use PayTm or any UPI app.</p>
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<p>An e-Challan may be issued to you if you have broken any traffic laws. Your home address or registered mobile number will get an SMS with an e-challan. If you don’t pay within 60 days of the e-Challan being issued, you risk having legal action brought against you.</p>
<p>How to use Paytm to pay a traffic challan:</p>
<p>Launch the mobile PayTm app.</p>
<p>Navigate to Bill Payment and Recharge.</p>
<p>In the section labeled “Recharge and Bill Payment,” choose “View All.”</p>
<p>Locate and click on the “Challan” section now.</p>
<p>Now choose the “Traffic Authority” option from the list of options.</p>
<p>Choose Faridabad Police if your challenge has been issued in that city.</p>
<p>Enter the challan information. This requires the vehicle number and the challan number to be entered. Click and choose “Proceed.”</p>
<p>The information and amount of the challan will now be shown to you. Press the “Next” button.</p>
<p>Cashback incentives will then be shown as well. If there is one, choose it and press “Pay.”</p>
<p>Select your preferred Paytm payment option now and complete the transaction.</p>
<p>Click “Pay Traffic Challan” to finish the procedure now.</p>
<p>By going to the website of the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH), you may also finish the challan online. Visit the ministry’s official website at to do this. To verify the challan data, you must first input the challan number, the driver’s license number, or the automobile registration number. The next step is to click on Get Details and complete the captcha. The specifics of the challan will be shown to you. After seeing the details, choose the ‘Pay online’ option from the same page to make your payment.</p>
<p>The fact that you may now pay your traffic fine online or using UPI does not indicate that the more conventional means of payment are no longer valid. It is still possible to employ the conventional way if you are not computer savvy. To accomplish this, you have to go to the traffic police station whose jurisdiction issued the citation for your vehicle. You have to meet with the appropriate official there and pay the challan money. At all times, pay the challan and get a receipt.</p>

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