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Amazon is currently selling the Itel A70 smartphone. Check out the specifications, pricing, and launch offers

<p>The affordable smartphone brand, itel, revealed the itel A70, which costs only Rs 7,299 and is the first phone in India with 256GB of storage and 12GB of RAM. Beginning on January 5, the phone will only be sold on Amazon. Interested parties may also take advantage of extra bank incentives.<br />
Cost and Differences</p>
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<p>The 64GB model is available for Rs 6,299, while the 256GB+12GB version costs Rs 7,299 in total. With an additional bank discount, a 128GB version is offered for Rs 6,799, resulting in a final price of Rs 5,999. With this calculated addition to its A-series range, the business hopes to satisfy customers looking for large storage options.</p>
<p>Color Selections<br />
The four eye-catching colors of the itel A70 are Starlish Black, Brilliant Gold, Azure Blue, and Field Green.</p>
<p>Present<br />
The itel A70 has a large 6.6-inch HD+ display with a smooth and easy-to-use user interface. There are two other variations available: 128GB storage with 12GB RAM or 64GB storage with 12GB RAM.</p>
<p>Features and Security of Cameras<br />
With its 13MP HDR back camera and 8MP AI front camera, the itel A70 offers cutting-edge technologies that let it to capture moments even in dimly lit environments. For extra protection, it also has a side-mounted fingerprint scanner and facial recognition.</p>
<p>Rechargeable batteries<br />
The business said that the itel A70’s 5000mAh battery and Type-C charging technology guarantee consumers a continuous and long-lasting experience.</p>
<p>Dynamic Bar Features<br />
Additionally, the smartphone has Dynamic Bar technology, similar to that of the iPhone 15, which allows for intelligent call, charging, and face unlock alerts without blocking the primary viewing area. This function controls notification screen real estate without interfering with the user’s concentration.</p>

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