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Overspending, Lack of Practice Facilities, and Ignorance of Local Audience: ICC’s New York Plan for 2024 T20 WC Adds Nothing to the Game

<p>The schedule for the T20 World Cup in 2024 was released on Friday by the International Cricket Council (ICC). Twenty teams will compete in the multi-nation event, which is co-hosted by the USA and the West Indies. This will be the first major ICC tournament to be held in the USA. Eight of the 16 games that are scheduled to take place in the area will be held in the modular venue located in New York.</p>
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<p>The main India-Pakistan match will take place on June 9 at the Nassau County International Cricket Stadium, whose construction has not yet begun. India will face the US, Ireland, and Pakistan at the same location before concluding their group stage campaign in Florida against Canada.</p>
<p>Over US$30 million is being spent to build a temporary structure that will be taken down a week from now on the outskirts of New York. In a nation that really needs financial assistance, a lasting infrastructure might be built for that type of money.</p>
<p>ICC has conveniently disregarded the local audience in its quest to develop and spread the game into other areas, deeming the USA to have the most potential. The matches are slated to serve Indian prime time and will be played in the early hours of local time, which means that the fans who are anticipated to pack the more than 30,000 modular facilities are in for a very harsh deal.</p>
<p>The match between India and Pakistan is probably going to start at approximately 10 a.m. local time, and getting to Nassau County would be quite difficult for the locals.</p>
<p><strong>Transportation problems</strong></p>
<p>To begin with, getting to the venue will need some travel time since it is rather far from New York City. The quickest route is to drive there; it will take over an hour, while using the train and bus together would take more than two hours. On match days, expect the length to increase since all routes head to Nassau County. And it just accounts for the New York travel time.</p>
<p>“Everyone believes that the location is in New York City. To be honest, it’s a very, very long way from NYC. The most efficient method to commute in New York City is via train, or the subway. And when it comes to traveling to Nassau County, that is not the case. To get to Eisenhower Park, one must use a combination of public transportation and walk a good distance. Due to the early start, many residents will likely be anticipating an early wake-up following a Saturday night cricket match. Thus, anticipate seeing a lot of foreigners in the stands,” a New Yorker said.</p>
<p>Although it contradicts the objective of bringing the game to the US, the broadcasters, who have paid a lot of money for TV and internet rights, were fully within their rights to lobby the international organization for schedules that fit the Indian prime time. ICC ought to have learned from Major League Cricket’s (MLC) example, which avoided caving in to the demands of the Indian fanbase and instead scheduled matches with the local audience in mind.</p>
<p><strong>Infrastructure is a source of worry</strong></p>
<p>Although it seems that the international organization has great faith in its ability to transform Nassau County’s “green field,” the current state of affairs is not promising. Renowned journalist Peter Della Penna provided images of the planned modular facility’s current location, which is now simply an open green space.</p>
<p>Although the ICC had said that building will start early in 2024, it hasn’t started yet. Even when it does, there will be a rush to prepare it for an ICC tournament and give it adequate testing for the multi-nation event’s headline games. Although a drop-in pitch is anticipated, the ICC’s strong finance committee, led by BCCI secretary Jay Shah, is displeased with the money being spent on a modular facility that will be demolished after the competition.</p>
<p>The money being spent in the area on infrastructural enhancements is not subject to checks and balances. The International Cricket Council (ICC) withheld information when CricketNext requested budgetary specifics.</p>
<p>In addition to going over budget, there are still concerns about the absence of good practice facilities near the nominated locations. The International Convention on Conventions (ICC) had already said that, although they had found several nearby sites in Dallas, Florida, and New York, it is unclear how practical these would be.</p>
<p>The time and scheduling of matches haven’t helped much, and as it stands, ICC’s American Dream is one little mistake away from collapsing.</p>
<p><strong>The top two teams from each of the four groups of five that comprise the 20 teams advance to the Super Eights:</strong></p>
<p><strong>Group A:</strong> USA, Canada, Ireland, Pakistan, India, and Pakistan</p>
<p><strong>Group B:</strong> Oman, Namibia, Scotland, Australia, and England</p>
<p><strong>Group C:</strong> Papua New Guinea, Afghanistan, Uganda, the West Indies, and New Zealand</p>
<p><strong>Group D:</strong> Nepal, the Netherlands, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and South Africa</p>

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