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Bengaluru’s Streets See Apple Vision Pro; A Man Is Seen Wearing The Rs. 3 Lakh Headset

<p>Following the debut of its Vision Pro mixed-reality headset in the US, videos and pictures of early adopters wearing the headsets in odd hand gestures and looking out of place in a variety of public settings, including streets, restaurants, and subways, proliferated online. A lot of people thought this was “dystopian,” comparing it to episodes of Black Mirror on Netflix.</p>
<p><img decoding=”async” class=”alignnone wp-image-406298″ src=”” alt=” bengalurus streets see apple vision pro a man is seen wearing the rs 3 lakh headse” width=”1001″ height=”667″ title=”Bengaluru's Streets See Apple Vision Pro; A Man Is Seen Wearing The Rs. 3 Lakh Headset 18″ srcset=” 510w,×100.jpg 150w” sizes=”(max-width: 1001px) 100vw, 1001px” /></p>
<p>Even though the headgear is now only available in the United States, the majority of the viral material started there. Remarkably, this craze has now spread to India when someone was seen walking the streets of Bengaluru, the country’s Silicon Valley, sporting the $3,499 mixed-reality headgear.</p>
<p>An photograph of a child using the Apple Vision Pro in Indiranagar’s streets was shared by Ayush Pranav on X, the old name of Twitter. “Had to be a @peakbengaluru moment,” he said, adding that he “bumped into @waitin4agi_ while he was playing around with his vision pro on the streets of Indiranagar.”</p>
<p>Even though this was expected, it’s interesting to notice that the pricey headgear is being offered at a premium in India. Independent investigations found that offline merchants in places like New Delhi and Jaipur were charging as much as Rs 4 lakh (about $4800) for the 256GB model, which is far more than the retail price in the US.</p>
<p>However, as more people become aware of the headgear and its benefits, it is anticipated that these sightings will increase in major cities.</p>
<p>Apple has not said whether or not the headgear would be available in India prior to its formal debut.</p>

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