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Free Price Compare Unveils Revolutionary

London – Mar 7, 2024 – Free Price Compare, a leading authority in empowering UK consumers with cost-effective solutions, has embarked on a groundbreaking journey to expose the concealed expenses tied to car insurance loyalty. The launch of their “True Cost Calculator” campaign signals a new era of financial enlightenment for UK drivers, educating them about the substantial benefits derived from regularly comparing and switching car insurance providers.


It’s a startling reality – evidence suggests that numerous motorists unknowingly overspend by hundreds of pounds annually due to uninformed loyalty to their current car insurance provider. Free Price Compare’s “True Cost Calculator” is more than a tool; it’s a beacon of financial wisdom designed to empower consumers with knowledge and practical tools for making informed and economically savvy decisions.


“At Free Price Compare, we believe in putting the power back in the hands of consumers. The ‘True Cost Calculator’ is a game-changer in the car insurance landscape, allowing drivers to uncover the hidden costs of loyalty and explore the myriad of financial benefits that come with regularly comparing and switching providers,” remarked Shay Ramani, Founder of Free Price Compare.


The campaign aims to shift the paradigm of car insurance decision-making, emphasising that loyalty should not come at the expense of financial prudence. Free Price Compare is dedicated to transforming the way drivers approach their car insurance, ensuring they are always equipped with the best deal available.


Key Components of the “True Cost Calculator” Campaign:


1. Interactive Savings Calculator: Free Price Compare introduces a state-of-the-art tool that lets drivers input key details to reveal the potential savings from switching car insurance providers. This user-friendly calculator is designed to demystify the financial impact of loyalty and empower drivers to make choices that align with their budget.


2. Real-life Success Stories: The campaign features compelling real-life success stories from individuals who dared to compare and switch. These narratives underscore the tangible benefits of embracing change and showcase the potential for significant savings within the dynamic and competitive car insurance market.


3. Educational Outreach: Free Price Compare is committed to educating UK drivers about the complexities of car insurance policies. The goal is to ensure that consumers are equipped with the knowledge needed to make informed and cost-effective decisions.


The “True Cost Calculator” campaign is more than a call to action; it’s a commitment to financial empowerment. Free Price Compare encourages all UK drivers to take advantage of this transformative tool, assess their car insurance loyalty, and embark on a journey toward greater financial resilience.


For media inquiries, please contact:

Shay Ramani



About Free Price Compare:


Free Price Compare is a leading platform dedicated to helping UK consumers make informed decisions about their car insurance. With a commitment to transparency and savings, Free Price Compare empowers drivers to compare, switch, and secure the best car insurance coverage.



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