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Transform Your Hospitality Business’s Online Reputation with AI Reply by!


Delhi, June 8, 2024 – In an era where online presence defines a business’s success, is excited to unveil its cutting-edge AI-powered Chrome extension, “AI Reply by,” set to transform how hospitality businesses manage their Google reviews. This revolutionary tool is designed to help hospitality businesses effortlessly handle their online reputation, driving engagement and boosting customer trust like never before.

The Game-Changer for Google Reviews in the Hospitality Industry:

In the competitive landscape of today’s digital marketplace, especially within the hospitality industry, responding to Google reviews isn’t just beneficial—it’s essential. Guests’ experiences and feedback play a crucial role in attracting new customers and retaining loyal ones. “AI Reply by” is the ultimate solution for hospitality businesses looking to enhance their guest interactions, improve their local SEO rankings, and establish a sterling online reputation.

Unmatched Benefits of AI Reply by

Save Time and Effort: Say goodbye to hours spent drafting responses. Our AI-powered tool generates and publishes professional, personalized replies to Google reviews in no time.

Boost Your SEO: Regular, thoughtful engagement with reviews signals to Google that your business is active and customer-focused, enhancing your local search rankings.

Build Unshakable Customer Trust: Show your guests that you genuinely value their feedback with personalized, timely responses that foster loyalty and trust.

Seamless Automation: Take advantage of our advanced feature to automate the entire process of generating and publishing replies, ensuring you never miss an opportunity to engage with your guests.

Key Features:

Effortless generation & publishing of personalized replies to Google reviews

User-friendly Chrome extension

15 free credits every month for every user

Complete automation of the reply generation and publishing process

And much more!

Experience It Yourself:

To let hospitality businesses experience the unparalleled benefits of this revolutionary tool, offers 15 free credits every month to all users. Discover how easy and impactful managing your online reputation can be with AI Reply by

Message from the Founder:

“At, we understand the unique challenges faced by the hospitality industry. Managing online reviews effectively is crucial for maintaining a positive reputation and attracting new guests. Our AI-powered Chrome extension is designed to simplify this process, allowing businesses to focus on delivering exceptional service while we handle their online reputation. We are committed to helping hospitality businesses thrive in the digital age.” is owned by BD Agency, a marketing agency focused on providing marketing services to the restaurant industry. BD Agency recently introduced its marketing services on, adding an additional security layer for buyers globally, as Fiverr ensures delivery approval from the buyer before releasing the payment. For more details, visit

For more information, visit

Contact: Kinshuk Vashisth
Founder & CEO,

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